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Diverse and Innovative Apparel

Mathews Onto Something

MOS Clothing is a culturally diverse brand created by a Soldier who had the idea of celebrating the military year-round instead of only during holidays and national crises.  He gained inspiration by merging entertainment themes with military lingo in his designs.  Soldiers and their families can be inspired through their everyday life endeavors, whether or not you’re deployed or in garrison, during good and bad times, by way of music, sports, comedy, reading, writing, drawing, etc.  These innovative designs will make you proud of your occupation and country.


US Army veteran, Jimmy D. Mathews, Jr., founded Mathews Onto Something (MOS) Clothing in 2017.  As a way of passing time and a form of stress relief, Jimmy would sketch designs, tying in civilian and military life.  One day he was having a conversation with a friend about his ideas for creative designs.  The name originated when the friend said they loved his ideas and made the statement, "Mathews you're on to something!"  With that being said, and playing on the acronym for Military Occupational Specialty, the brand was born.


Military and civilian alike; we’ve got something for you.  We are highly committed to customer satisfaction and go out of our way to make sure you're happy with your purchase.  MOS Clothing is making its way to becoming a highly recognized brand that honors the military EVERYDAY!

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